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2015 – A RECAP – Joey

Trying to write a recap of my year 2015 I first wanted to categorize everything in months only to realize that I have no idea anymore what happened when exactly. So I decided to write about the most memorable moments, be it good ones or bad ones. Those are the moments that truly made this year special and unique and those are the moments that I will probably remember forever.



New things: I went to Canada, Sweden and Spain for the first time. Went to my first few blogger brunches. Started to get some collaborations with cool brands. Travelled on a bus for 12hours on my own. Had an article published in the university newspaper. Celebrated Chinese New Year. Went swimming every day for 2 weeks in a row, because this summer was so nice. Went to my first music festival. Relaunched the blog.

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Countries visited: USA, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic

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Changes: My hair color changed from red-brownish to blonde. I quit my job and got an even better one. Lots of friends from university left for their exchange semester, which made this semester quite different. I got to know many new awesome people. I reorganized my apartment.


Something that made me really happy: I guess there was not one particular moment that stood out to me this year, but this summer was one of the best summers I ever had. I got to spend so much time with friends and had so much fun everyday. Would not want to change this for anything.

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Something that made me really sad: My saddest moment was definitely when one of my former roommates from my time in New York passed away. She was one of the best people I knew, so talented, always encouraging me, helping me believe in myself and teaching me so many new things. I am glad I was able to visit her in February for a couple of days and I’ll remember all of our special moments together forever. She’ll always be dear to my heart.

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Things I wish I did: Take more (artistic) pictures. Eat healthier. Spend even more time with friends. Do more sports. Complain less. Study more. Spend less time worrying about everything.

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Craziest thing that happened: Probably my car accident, but gladly nothing too bad happened.

Plans for 2016: Continue my studies. Work hard. Blog more. Take more pictures. Enjoy the little things. Work out more. Learn to cook more. Spend more time with friends and family.


All in all this year has been one of the most memorable years so far. I got to try so many new things, visited new places, fell in love, lost friends and got to know many new people. Everything went by so fast; I don’t even know how this happened. I am so glad for all the amazing people that make my life so special, thank you to each and everyone. Love you guys!!
Happy 2016!! Can’t wait for everything to come. 😉




  1. uiii, schöner Post 🙂

    Freu mich, dass ich dich dieses Jahr kennen gelernt habe 🙂
    freu mich auch auf weitere tolle Jahre 🙂

    Kuss Kuss

    • kessyandjoey kessyandjoey

      Moii, Danke du Süße :**

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