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5 things that always make me happy

I am happy. Extremely happy actually. Everything seems to be falling into place so easily at the moment. I have a wonderful boyfriend, lovely people to surround myself with, a great apartment in a great city, an exciting new job with sweet colleagues and so many things in mind that I want to do.

But I also know the feeling of really feeling down and unmotivated to do anything! To me the worst feeling in the world is to not even want to get up in the morning and start the day, but just lie around and pity myself. Never ever wanna feel like that again (but who does). However, I’ve made a little list about a few things that make me happy or things I do when I am feeling down. The most important message if you are having a rough time right now, however, is that you’ll get through this. In the end everything will be fine. So here is my list:

First of all, spoiling myself with good food, especially Sushi does the trick for me. Good food in my opinion does not necessarily mean unhealthy but it is rather about enjoying it.

Secondly, looking at a piece of great design (interior design, furniture design, graphic design or whatever) always puts a smile on my face. No wonder that my apartment is full of great furniture design pieces. (More about affordable designer pieces soon.) I also used to go to IKEA and call it my happy place. Something about that place makes me calm down.

Enjoying a good cup of coffee (or even better having “fika”) with a beloved person is balm for the soul (“Balsam für die Seele” how we use to say in Austria). Still, sometimes I love to go to a coffee shop by myself, just relax for a bit and enjoy some alone time.

Petting a dog or any kind of animal always makes me happy instantly, even if it is only for a moment. Animals have always been close to my heart and having a dog in my childhood was the best experience that I could have wished for. As much as I would like to have a dog again, it is just really difficult now if not impossible. So I’ll take every chance to pet dogs whenever I can.

Last but not least, finding new activities/things that I like makes me happy on a long term basis. It goes hand in hand with setting new goals. I get bored pretty easily with doing things over and over again, so it’s exciting to try new stuff. Even better when I realize that I’m good at something new. Also I count travelling to this point, exploring new places brings so much joy. The more I experience, the more I can see the world from a different angle and the more I can forget about shitty stuff in my life. 

I try to spoil myself with those things on a regular basis and try to be happy with what I have, what I’ve accomplished and the people that surround me. Treating myself to a relaxing cup of coffee or anything else in the list also prevents me from being stressed out from school and work.

Love, Kessy

What is your trick to be happy? Can anybody relate to my points?

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