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Barcelona – La sagrada familia – Joey

La Sagrada Familia_WMAs some of you might know, I went so Barcelona a few weeks ago.So now I want to show you the first couple of pictures from my trip. As a typical touristy tourist I had to visit ‘la sagrada familia’ of course.

I was not that impressed by the outside of the church, probably because a huge part of it was under construction.  The inside though, was magical. So much light, so many different colours, the architecture: just spectecular! Definitely worth a visit, but see for yourselves. : )

Have you been to Barcelona before? If yes, what were the places you enjoyed visiting the most? ; )

xx Joey

(P.S.: I recommend booking the tickets in advance, otherwise you might have to wait a couple hours to get inside.   La Sagrada Familia_WM-7-2La Sagrada Familia_WM-5-2 La Sagrada Familia_WM-7 La Sagrada Familia_WM-9-2 La Sagrada Familia_WM-10 La Sagrada Familia_WM-11 La Sagrada Familia_WM-14 La Sagrada Familia_WM-15 La Sagrada Familia_WM-18

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