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Best Friend Tag

Have you ever been curious about how well a person knows you? 🙂 We asked each other some questions about ourselves that the other person should answer. It was super fun to see what the other one said about you and is a fun thing to get to know each other even better. We did pretty well actually – see for yourselves.

Questions about Kessy:

  • Do I rather follow my mind or my heart?
    J: I would say your heart, but you still think about your decisions and then follow your heart.
    K: Yeees totally true 🙂 
  • What is my favourite country and why?
    J: Sweden, because you lived there, know the language pretty well, love fika and Scandinavia in general.
    K: I’ve lived in Sweden because I have already been in love with Sweden before, but everything else is true 🙂 
  • What are my biggest fears about the future?
    J: Hmm, I actually don’t really know, but I think that you don’t find out what exactly you should do with your life.
    K: Probably that I don’t find out what I’m passionate about.
  •  Who is my greatest role model?
    J: Joey?! 😛 Hmm, actually no idea, your mum maybe?
    K: HAHAHA. Actually it’s really my mum. She has achieved so much in her live already. 🙂 
  • How much coffee do I drink per day?
    J: A looot. Probably depends on the day, but I would say on average 3 coffees per day.
    K: You know me. 😀 I would say I drink at least 2 and maximum 4 cups per day. So 3 on average are pretty accurate.
  • What is that one single food that I never get tired of?
    J: Sushi!!!
    K: What else. 🙂 
  • What is my favourite (Swedish) word and why?
    J: Fika? Because, coffee and cake and hanging out are awesome.
    K: Gotta looooove fika. Those are one of my best memories of Sweden.
  • What is my favourite Disney movie?
    J: Winnie the Pooh?!
    K: Close one. I actually meant the lion king, but Winnie and his friends are my favourite Disney characters. Aaaand I love the Disney princesses. 🙂 
  • What used to be my happy place?
    J: On a horseback?
    K: Hahahahaha. It used to be IKEA. Going to IKEA really used to calm me down or cheer me up. Sadly, since I moved the next IKEA is almost an hour away from me (not like 10 minutes how it used to be).
  • Would I rather be rich or have a job that I am passionate about?
    J: Have a job that you are passionate about, but with a decent income. 😀
    K: Couldn’t have said it more accurately. 🙂 

Best Friend Tag

Questions about Joey:

  • What is my favourite sport?
    K: Joey was in a sports gymnasium and has always loved to try new sports. But I think swimming is her favourite. Running is probably also very high in that list.
    J: Yes, totally true, at the moment I am also totally into Yoga.
  • What is next on my travel list?
    K: The next destination will be Amsterdam in a few weeks. 🙂
    But Joey would also love to explore Asia, for example Thailand.
    J: Yay, right, I am actually going to Amsterdam on Sunday yay. 
  • 3 things I always have in my purse:
    K: Carmex lipbalm!
    J: True, true and true.
  • Cats or dogs?
    K: Joey loves cats as well as dogs but she would prefer having a dog at the moment because she would be able to play with a dog more, teach him/her tricks and so on.
    J: Yep, I would love to have both, but sadly that is not possible at the moment. 🙁
  • How many pairs of shoes do I own?
    K: I honestly can’t say but there are so many. Joey has one big closet for shoes only and a few pairs each under her two clothing racks. (and probably a few more stored somewhere else in the apartment 😀 )
    J: Haha, I do not even know myself, but I think about 40-50 pairs. 
  • What was the last book I read?
    K: Probably the one she had to read for the final bachelor English exam. It was something about the story of Nike. 😀
    J: Haha, true. No time to read other books right now.
  • Would I bail you out of jail, or be sitting there with you?
    K: Definitely sit by my side! We have the craziest ideas together.
    J: Yes, definitely. 😀

Best Friend Tag

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