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Berlin Diary – Part I

TypicalBerlin-9I am starting my Berlin Diary with one of the most famous sights in this wonderful city; the Brandenburger Tor.

My boyfriend, some of his friends and I went to Berlin for a few days, including New Year’s Eve, in order to visit a friend who lives there. I had so much fun there with the boys. : )
It was my second trip to Berlin. I really like the city. All the (hipsterish) individualists (that look almost the same again anyway haha ) are nice to watch. (I think nearly every man in a certain age wears a beard at the moment and the women are inspired by 80’s hair styles. No offense, I like it. )

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Munich Trip – Hotel & Food


Though Munich is only about 260 kilometers away from where I live, I have never been there except on the airport. Therefore, my mum and I decided to go there for the weekend. We planned a mother-daughter weekend in order to have some time together before I leave for Sweden. (30 days to go! Yeeeah) Continue reading Munich Trip – Hotel & Food

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Kessy goes to Sverige


Circa one month left until I start my most exciting adventure yet. In January I will go to Sweden for half a year for studying there. I am really excited yet and looking forward so much. Sweden is such an amazing country I think, according to what I saw when I was there and what I read (Hope this impression stays when I live there 😉 ). It will be hard leaving everything and everybody behind, especially my boyfriend. Still I see this as the best opportunity and such an amazing experience.

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The early Bird catches the Wurm


Since the weather here in Austria is awful, I thought this is the perfect time to show you the most amazing sunrise I have ever seen. At the end of September I went to Rhodos with my boyfriend. I have never been in Greece before that. Therefore, it was really amazing. I really didn’t know that this Island is so beautiful and full of great places.  Continue reading The early Bird catches the Wurm

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Côte d’Azur


(On our way, somewhere in Switzerland, picture by Bernhard Rad)

This summer I went to France with some of my friends. We were staying in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, right next to Monaco. The house we rented for the week, was the prettiest I have ever been in, five bedrooms, three bathrooms, huge living room/kitchen, infinity pool.. you name it. Continue reading Côte d’Azur

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London Calling


London is my second favorite city. I could go there every month or even more often haha
(My favorite city is Stockholm, you will see maaaaaany photos from there when I move to Sweden in January hihi)
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When in Venice..



A few weeks back I visited Italy with my family. Since the town we were staying in was pretty close to Venice, we just had to go on a day trip and explore this amazing place. Even though I have been here before, I was left speechless by the beauty of this city once again. The architecture, the canals, the famous gondolas..sooo impressive.  But just see for yourselves.. 😉 Continue reading When in Venice..

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