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Exploring Saint Petersburg – Architecture – Kessy


The second city on my trip was Saint Petersburg in Russia. I have never thought that I will make it to Russia, so I was pretty excited about this city. Normally it is quite hard to go to Russia because of the Visa but as we went there by ferry boat with an organised tour we got the 72h admission to visit the country. As well as Tallinn‘s historic center, also the historian center of St. Petersburg is a UNESCO world heritage.

I have to say that I expected St. Petersburg to be more different but it is actually similar to other european cities. This does not apply that I did not like it, I actually really liked it and I think I would not have gotten bored if I would have stayed a bit longer. There would have been so many interesting museums and as the city is so huge we only saw the main sight, as Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, the art museum Hermitage (go there if you have the chance!), Church of the spilled blood or Nevsky Prospect.

It was an experience that so little people can speak English there. As the Russian alphabet has different letters, we had so incidences where we just could not understand anything. We had to use our body language and that was pretty funny sometimes.

Another funny thing was that I met one of my friends on the street in St. Petersburg! What a coincidence! I knew that she was in Russia as well but we had no time to set up a meeting point, so it was even funnier when she saw me and ran over to me. The world is just so small.

Love, Kessy
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