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Exploring Tallinn – Kessy


The first stop from my trip last week was in Tallinn, Estonia. We had a guided tour through the city, which is so untypical for me haha. I always explore cities by myself but in that way we heard interesting stories about the city and the Estonian people. For example, I did not know that Estonians love singing and had an event called ‘Singing Revolution’. The city only has about 430.000 inhabitants and I have to say it is a really small city, at least the city center.

Tallinn’s old town is a UNESCO world heritage site and really beautiful. The architecture is still from medieval times and it is really impressive to see such well preserved architecture from that time. We saw many different churches and our tour guide told us that many of the churches were used for different purposes during the wars, for example one church was used for storage.
As we got out of the city center it was quite boring, so it was good that we took the ferry to our next stop the next day. ; )

Love, Kessy
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