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FoodFriday – Streetfood Festival Linz – Joey

StreetFoodFestival_WM-10It’s been waaaay to long since our last FoodFriday post: So here we go!

Last weekend the “Tabakfabrik” in Linz hosted a Streetfood Festival with lots of different types of food from all over the world! Obviously I had to go there and Susanna (from Nwlife) came along with me. We decided to share every dish, so we would be able to try a lot more food, before we fell into a foodcoma. : D

Honestly it was really hard to choose and I would have needed three days to try everything, but I think one can never go wrong with trying different types of burgers. ; ) I even convinced Susanna to try some Nachos, which I love and she hates. : D

Overall the atmosphere at this “festival” was super nice and I am already looking forward to the next one. Hope you are enjoying the pictures : )


StreetFoodFestival_WM-4StreetFoodFestival_WMStreetFoodFestival_WM-6StreetFoodFestival_WM-8StreetFoodFestival_WM-5(Pictures: by myself and Susanna)

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