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How to wear oversized

As you might have guessed already we are both huge fans of the oversized trend. Someone already asked us, if we weren’t able to buy our clothes in the right sizes. Of course we are, but the bigger the better. 😀
So here is another little guide on how to wear oversized. Hope this serves as an inspiration for you guys. 😉

Oversized Sweater

These kind of sweaters are probably the comfiest thing ever. You can wear an oversized sweater with nearly anything, it’ll always look good. As you can see, we like pairing it with Jeans or leatherpants and cool sneakers.

How to wear oversized-2

How to wear oversized-3

Oversized Pants

Big pants are a bit tricky to combine. Normally wearing something tight on top is a good match. They also work pretty well with a sweater. 😉

How to wear oversized

Oversized Cardigan/Jacket

Cardigans are our cold weather go-to’s this season. You can wear just pants and a simple top and make the whole outfit more interesting with it. Same thing goes for dresses or skirts, long cardigans make any outfit look fancier.

How to wear oversized-4

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