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Impressions of Andalusia – the big cities

It has been more than one month since I’ve been to Andalusia. But this one month was maybe the most stressful one in my student life so far. However, now I finally had some spare time to show you some impressions of Andalusia. I really enjoyed my visit there and definitely want to go there again sometime. This time I didn’t take as many pictures as usual but I can still show you some, at least for you to get some impressions 😉

Malaga – Granada – Cordoba – Sevilla

We were in Spain for 10 days and started our road trip in Malaga. From there we went to Granada then to Cordoba and Sevilla. Our last stop was in the small town El Puerto de Santa Maria before we headed back to Malaga, from were we took our flight back to Austria.

Let’s start with Malaga, such a wonderful city. What I especially loved about Malaga was that it is such a cosy city by the sea. The beach promenade is so lovely with all the shops, stands and restaurants. We bought the best dried fruits and nuts ever! Another stunning sight in Malaga is the castle “Castillo de Gibralfaro”. It is quite a walk to get up there but the view from the top makes it totally worth it. If you visit Malaga, make sure to walk though the Paseo Espana in the Parque de la Alameda. It is a stunning park and with palm trees and other beautiful plants.

Our second stop was Granada, also another lovely city. Granada is probably most known for the Alhambra, a medieval housing palace. The Alhambra is really worth a visit but you need to plan some time to get the tickets (even when you purchase them online beforehand). Granada is a great city to explore through strolling around without a special aim. You’ll stumble upon unique shops or small restaurants and cafés in tiny streets. Talking about coffee, we found a speciality coffee shop called Dulcimena. Speciality coffee is a rarity in Spain, so we were hyped to get some good coffee.

We only spent one full day in Cordoba but that was enough for me. Cordoba was the city I liked the least in Andalusia. (I didn’t even take pictures.) It might have been because we’ve already been quite exhausted from traveling but I just didn’t feel a special vibe from the city. What would have been interesting in Cordoba is the Mosque-Cathedral but again there was a looong line for the tickets.

Sevilla was maybe the most impressive city, for me at least. It might have been because the weather was so perfect in Sevilla but also the architecture really got to me. Especially the Plaza de Espana was outstanding. The city is a good mixture between tradition and modernity (e.g. the wooden structure Metropol Parasol). It feels a little bit like a city by the ocean but it is not. However, you can find beautiful spots to relax next to the Canal de Alfonso XIII.

As you might have already guessed, I would definitely recommend going to Andalusia. This part of Spain has really impressed me. Not only the cities are beautiful but also the nature, which is so diverse (more about that soon).

Hope you enjoyed my little impressions,

Love, Kessy


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