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KJ favorites.. Prague – Places

Right before Christmas me and my “little” sister decided to go to Prague spontaneously. Both of us have never been there before. Since the time before Christmas was pretty hectic, we decided to take it slow and just walk around the city and take in the beautiful atmosphere. It was beyond magical, so many lights, christmas markets and pretty buildings everywhere. Of course we saw the most important things that you have to see once in Prague. So I want to give you a little guide of the places I enjoyed the most. 😉


Charles Bridge and Old Town

Well, I guess those are the places every typical tourists goes first and so did we. It was really fun to explore the city by foot. It is actually not far to walk from the old town across the Charles Bridge to the castle. Sadly it was a bit windy and chilly, when we were there, but still bearable. We just warmed up in a Starbucks with a hot beverage, when we got to cold.

I definitely recommend walking around the old town and just exploring by yourself. Another option  is to take a Segway tour around the city, which are pretty affordable and perfect for people that don’t like to walk all day. 😉 Also if you visit Prague during christmas time, you’ll be able to visit a lot of different christmas markets in the old town. So fun. 🙂

KessyandJoey_Prag-24KessyandJoey_Prag-28 KessyandJoey_Prag-23 KessyandJoey_Prag-11 KessyandJoey_Prag-10-2 KessyandJoey_Prag-6 KessyandJoey_Prag-5 KessyandJoey_Prag-2-2


The Castle

This place is just special and actually the largest ancient castle in the world. One can walk inside without a ticket, only if you want to go inside the buildings you need to pay. Even then it is pretty affordable. We spent two days there, the first evening, we walked up there to have a nice view over the city and the second day we explored the castle from the inside all afternoon.

There was a christmas market inside the castle and we tried some typical czech food specialties there. It was delicious, especially the selfmade potato chips.mhhh 🙂

P.S.: With your student ID you’ll get a discount on the tickets.

KessyandJoey_Prag-47 KessyandJoey_Prag-41 KessyandJoey_Prag-38 KessyandJoey_Prag-37 KessyandJoey_Prag-36 KessyandJoey_Prag-35 KessyandJoey_Prag-34 KessyandJoey_Prag-20 KessyandJoey_Prag-17


Old Town City Hall

I wanted to go up a taller building to have a nice view over the city and so we went inside the old town city hall. As you can see in the pictures below the view is just spectacular. On the outside is an astronomical clock, which is so pretty in my opinon. Also the inside of the tower looks so cool (perfect for awesome IG pictures ;)), you can either walk up or take an elevator.
Once again with your student ID you’ll get cheaper tickets, I think ours cost about 2,50€, so definitely worth a visit. 😉

P.S.: I recommend to visit in the morning, otherwise you might have to wait in line for some time.

KessyandJoey_Prag-57 KessyandJoey_Prag-51 KessyandJoey_Prag-48 KessyandJoey_Prag-18-2 KessyandJoey_Prag-14-2 KessyandJoey_Prag-11-2


 I am sure that there would have been so many more interesting things to see, but I hope I will be back soon to explore even more.

Any opinions about places I shoud have visited as well? Let me know, so I can go there next time. 😉

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