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KJ favorites … Prag – Restaurants

Last week me and my boyfriend went to Prague for our first trip together (uh so exciting 😀 ). We wanted to visit as many Czech restaurants as possible but after one day only we couldn’t resist the high amount of delicious international restaurants. Here are the ones I enjoyed most 🙂
(Don’t mind the quality of the pictures, I only had my iPhone on hand as I never expected to find so many good restaurants that I couldn’t withhold you 😉 Some of them are stolen from my boyfriend 😛 )

Vinohradsky parlament:
Czech modern pub. Vinohradsky parlament Prag_Restaurant-7

It doesn’t look so fancy from the outside but it is definitely worth peeking inside. The interior reminds me kind of a mixture between a typical sports bar, traditional pub, industrial design and train station hall. Really interesting, I can tell you.

We were convinced by the tasty food, which is mostly from local Czech products. My boyfriend enjoyed the great selection of beer while I was delighted to drink good cider and wine at an affordable price.

Price level based on student budget: affordable

Address: Korunní 1 / Praha 2 – Vinohrady

Belgian restaurant. Bruxx Prag_Restaurants-3

Right next to Vinohradsky parlament , we found this Belgian restaurant, which also has a touch of  a pub. The interior recalled some memories of pubs I went to when I was in Scotland and London last summer. I couldn’t say if the food is typically Belgian since I haven’t been there yet unfortunately. However, it was super tasty though I actually preferred the soup over the main dish. I had the prawn and coconut milk bisque, which felt like food heaven. You can also find a huge drinking menu including different beers as well as wine served by glass, cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.

Price level based on student budget: fancy (but worth it 😉 )

Address: Náměstí Míru 9 / Praha 2 – Vinohrady

Fine Burger Bistro. dish burger dish burger

One of the best burgers ever! I swear! I’m getting hungry even thinking about that great place. Everything in the bistro is quite special: The dishes seem second hand, there are advertisements of that very restaurant on the walls inside, you can watch the cook preparing your burger in the entrance area and you’ll get the most delicious burger buns and special fries. I would suggest you try the ‘bistro fries with garlic and parsley’ and the ‘steak fries with herbs’.

You should definitely make a reservation if you want to try those burgers. 😉 Oh and by the way, try their selection of gin&tonic. 😀 Especially the one mixed with elderflower tonic caught my attention.

Price level based on student budget: a bit fancy for burgers but you’ll have an awesome burger experience 😉

Address: Římská 29 / Praha 2

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