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long time no see – Kessy

I know it has been quite a while since my last outfit post but as I told you in the Andalusia post, it was super stressful lately. Now I feel like I’ve got everything under control again (more or less at least). So you can look forward to more new posts soon. 🙂

Trench coat & bag – Mango, Top (transparent) – Zara, Top (underneath) – ONLY, Shoes – H&M, Glasses – Germano Gambini

After I passed one important class at the university, I decided its time to treat myself a little again. So I got myself this stunning floaty trench coat and the cute bucket bag, both from Mango.  I was so happy when I got back from a short trip to Vienna and found the ordered package in my room. I was so amazed by texture of the trench coat that I had to keep myself from wearing it inside haha. (but I instantly wore it the next day 😀 )

I also haven’t shown you guys my new glasses (yes they are real glasses). Only took me like 10 minute to decide on the frame, I’m so much in love with them. I also have to keep myself from wearing them constantly haha .

Love, Kessy

P.S.: I really need to train my facial expressions for photos again haha
(and the way I hold my bag, and how I walk and everything else 😛 )


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