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March in Sweden – Kessy

Aurora-5(Aurora Borealis – in a different way)

It is April already… wow!

On Thursday I had my halftime here in Sweden… I have mixed feelings about that to be honest.

However, now I will tell you a bit about what happened this month. The month started nice with my friend Kathi visiting. We did some sightseeing in Västerås and Stockholm. After that I went to Finish Lapland which was so amazing! I saw the Northern Lights, I still cannot believe it. I know, I still have not posted all the pictures but I will get to it soon. (A few days after that it was also possible to see them in Västerås, which is even more amazing since this only happened a few times before – lucky me!)

Well, after the trip I had a looot to do for university but I had something to look forward to: my mum! She came to Västerås first and then we went to Stockholm together. We did a lot of sightseeing of course but since the weather was not so nice we went to museums as well. The last week was just full of work for university, had to hand in an article and I also had my first exam in Sweden, a nine hour long home exam. A really nice activity this month was also having BBQ at an island in Västerås. We spent the whole afternoon there and grilled things and had fika and so on. : )

Yeah well, I think that was it! I had a lot to do for university but it was a nice month in total ; ). And the best thing is that Joey will finally come on Sunday. Yeeeeeeeah : )

Love, Kessy

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