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May in Sweden – Kessy


7 days until my flight back to Austria! Well first I will only stay for less than 24 hours but still. In the end the time went by so fast and actually I am quite sad to leave Sweden and all the wonderful people that I met here. On the other hand, I am looking forward to see my friends again and my family. I guess if you love exploring new places and live in other countries you are always in a conflict with your self if you would rather stay or leave. MonthlyCheckUp_January6Well, nothing new for now. I still love having fika (every day! – I feel the need to taste all the different cakes and other sweets hihi), riding around with my bike (if it is flat haha), enjoying nature and the city and also just enjoying the sun (finally it is summer in Sweden and this is sooooo beautiful).

MonthlyCheckUp_January5Finally I started to miss Austrian food, a bit at least. I want to eat a nice “Speckbrot” after hiking, a freshly baked “Apfelstrudel” and by now I also miss really good dark Austrian bread.
Otherwise I am really happy right now and I could even stay longer. : )

MonthlyCheckUp_January3Saying goodbye to some people that I really like was already really hard. However, we had so many nice moments together and in the last few weeks we really tried to do as much as possible. We went to the archipelago in Stockholm, had many “fikas” and so on. It was not one special moment but the whole last few weeks were just really enjoyable.MonthlyCheckUp_January2Of course my friends and family. Just a few more days until I will see them again hihi. I am also looking forward to my nice big bed haha and my other clothes (I have worn the ones I brought way too often!).
Aaaaand I am also looking forward to do a short side trip before I actually get home. : D But I will not tell you the destination yet. ; )

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