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Panoramas and Impressions of Scotland – Kessy

Panoramas of Scotland

A few weeks after I came back from my exchange semester in Sweden I went to Scotland with my family. I was in a intensive travel mode haha – I just wanted to see more and more. We went to London for a few days and then made a road trip from London to Scotland. The trip included all the major cities of Scotland, like the capital Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and the home of golf St. Andrews (also the city where William met Kate ; ) ), and other iconic spots, like Melrose Abbey, Loch Ness (which is really unspectacular) or wonderful castles (more about the awesome castles in another blog post soon). Thankfully, my mom planned the whole trip, so I was just enjoying. : )

I have to say, Scotland offers wonderful landscapes and views but after being on the Lofoten Islands I was not too impressed by every part of Scotland. Don’t get me wrong, I still would visit Scotland again in a heartbeat. Especially the Isle of Skye, Shetland Islands and Orkney Islands would be interesting for the next Scotland trip. I guess my favourite part were some of the stunning cliffs, as the one in the picture below in St. Abbs.

Concerning the weather, we weren’t that lucky but who cares, we still hadn’t had a lot of rain. It was just really cold most of the time. The maximum temperature was probably about 18° C. To be honest that was quite refreshing after 3 weeks of hotness in Austria (my body hasn’t adjusted back to the Austrian weather yet haha). Panoramas of ScotlandIn Scotland, I tried to experiment with photography. Most of my experiments were shitty haha but I got some nice panorama pictures (the 3 above). It’s actually really easy to take them if you have a calm hand and then Photoshop does most of the extra work. Hopefully you like the results as much as I do. : )

Enjoy the rest of the impressions. : )
Love, Kessy

Impressions of ScotlandThe borderImpressions of ScotlandMelrose Abbey
Impressions of ScotlandSt. Abbs

Impressions of ScotlandNear St. Abbs

Impressions of ScotlandFormer prison and lightning house ‘Bass Rock’ in the Firth of Forth

Impressions of ScotlandEildon Hills  Impressions of Scotland Near St. AbbsImpressions of ScotlandSomewhere in the middle of nowhere
Impressions of ScotlandLoch Awe in Dalavich

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