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Picnic time and summer break


Long time no see – thats because we decided to take a summer break. The weather in Austria has been crazy hot! So we have been able to do many fun things outside, like this super delicious picnic with a nice view over Linz.

(Fun fact we even got to help out a wedding photographer who was also there taking pictures of some newly-weds. )

We wanted to have a healthy but also delicious picnic. So we went for some chia pudding of course (we are just addicted to those power seeds haha). We also included some veggie sticks with a super tasty yoghurt dip. As always we got some coffee to go from “Die Brüher” (sooo delicious).

We used the summer break to refocus on what to do with the blog – be prepared for a lot of fun new posts soon. We are also working on a relaunch of our blog, but before that we will enjoy the sun a bit more and recharge our batteries.

See you in a bit! Love, Kessy and JoeyPicknick-6Picknick-5Picknick-1 Picknick-2 Picknick-3 Picknick-4


  1. wirklich superschöner Blog 🙂

    • Maa, dankesehr!! Können wir nur zurückgeben 😉

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