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How to plan an affordable road trip to Norway

How to plan an affordable road trip to Norway –
View from Seim Camping

Norway surely is one of the most expensive countries in Europe but it’s really worth a visit. Therefore, I’ve prepared a little guide for you on how to save money on your trip to the North. Most of the tips might be obvious but still helpful.


  • Camping

Camping is obviously the cheapest option when it comes to accommodation, however also the most adventurous one since you are in the nature all the time. In Norway you are allowed to camp almost everywhere you want due to the “freedom to roam” (but there are restriction). We actually did not camp in the wilderness because it’s just super handy to have a toilet and running water and so on. Also the camping sites are quite cheap in the south of Norway. We paid around 150 to 200 NOK (16 to 22 EUR) per night for two adults, one tent and one car.

Here are some camping sites which we really enjoyed:

  • Seim Camping in Røldal
  • Roligheden Camping in Kristiansand
  • Grande Hytteutleige og Camping in Geiranger
  • Lom Camping in Lom (good location if you want to hike in Jotumheimen)
  • Huts/cabins

Another affordable option are the huts at the camping sites. The prices depend on the size of the cabin and of course the facilities in the hut. Some of them even have their own kitchen and bathroom, just like a tiny flat. Cabins can be a nice option if you are traveling with more than two people, since most huts can fit 4 people inside and you pay per cabin not per person. Also, many of these cabins can be pre-booked online.

  • Airbnb

Airbnb was the option that we chose in the cities. We had an Airbnb in Bergen and in Oslo and we were really happy with those. At least in those two cities, we found a great range of different sizes and prices. For example, in Oslo we paid about 50 EUR per night for the whole apartment.

I guess the type of accommodation also depends on how long you are traveling and of course how often you change locations. I would not want to build up the tent every single night haha (only if I would have a pop-up tent). Also, even in summer time it can be quite cold, windy and rainy. Therefore, good camping mats and sleeping bags are necessary for camping.

How to plan an affordable road trip to Norway –
Always by our side: our Ford Galaxy


Well, I’ve you’re doing a road trip you obviously need a car. We took our own car and drove all the way up to Norway. Fuel is not very expensive, it’s rather cheap compared to the other prices. Tip: Keep watching for “credit card only petrol station” – those are even cheaper.

One thing you have to consider when driving with your own car are the tolls. In Norway it’s called “AutoPass” and you go through automated tollbooths, where it will charge your credit card directly. I realized that going into the cities is quite expensive as well as driving in the city itself, since there are many tollbooths. Therefore, try to avoid taking the car inside the city and rather walk (in most cities just walking around is easily doable) or use public transport. Additionally, keep in mind that there are some private roads in and around the national parks, where you also have to pay toll for using the streets.

How to plan an affordable road trip to Norway –

Needless to say, cooking is the cheapest option. Even if you are camping, cooking should not be a problem because most camping sites have a kitchen which you can use. However, there are different price levels at the supermarkets. You’ll find so many different supermarkets but the cheapest ones are probably “REMA 1000” and “Kiwi mini pris”. Buying fish is affordable in Norway and often also cheaper than meat. You can even find good salmon for about 10 EUR per kg at one of the cheaper supermarkets. Interestingly, you’ll find only a small convenience department for food normally.

However, one item that is quite expensive to buy is chocolate ( 🙁 ). You’ll easily pay 4 to 5 euros for a normal sized pack of chocolate. Compared, one very good cappuccino costs about 3 euros. Better bring some chocolate (or try living without it).

And of course there is alcohol. It is so f***ing expensive that I was not even in the mood to drink alcohol (ok once and that was a really good cider).

If you want to eat out, I would recommend not to eat pizza, that can be very expensive even take away. Burger are more affordable, like in a slightly fancier Austrian restaurant. We ate burgers twice in Norway and paid around 16 EUR for a delicious burger and fries. Blå and Wünderburger would be my suggestions for Oslo, both so yummy.

How to plan an affordable road trip to Norway –
Yummy, yummy, yummy, I’ve got love in my tummy (so much love for salmon 😀 )

Hope you enjoyed my tips. If you have been to Norway and have more suggestions, I’m curious to hear them, feel free to comment 🙂

Love, Kessy

How to plan an affordable road trip to Norway – kessyandjoey.comHow to plan an affordable road trip to Norway – kessyandjoey.comHow to plan an affordable road trip to Norway –

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