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Reverse Bucketlist – Things we are proud of

kessyandjoey by Nina DanningerWe all sometimes tend to see the bad in everything and complain about it. That’s why we thought that it might be a good idea to think about the good things in life and what we have achieved so far in live. Surely, everybody has done things that one is or should be proud of.

We believe that achieving a goal is motivating. Therefore, we created this little reverse bucketlist with things that we have achieved in order to remind ourselves that we are doing pretty good in life. 🙂


  • Graduating and earning my Bachelor of Science
  • Having been to almost 30 countries in this wonderful world
  • Having lived in a foreign country all by myself
  • Still studying Swedish
  • Getting a job in a respected company and finally earning my own money
  • Being in such a good place with my family 🙂

Generally I do not really like being proud and tend to think the worst about myself (which is obviously not that good). So it is even more important for me to think about things I have achieved from time to time.
Here comes my Little list of “I am proud of..”

  • Taking pictures at NYFW
  • Finding a job at a bank before I even graduated
  • Getting my Bachelors degree
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the last couple of weeks
  • Having amazing friends, who are all working very hard to reach their goals


  • Maintaining this blog, even though we are working full time
  • Still being good friends, even if we live 200km apart

Being proud of the wrong things or pride in general can be very harmful and sometimes even hurt other people, but once in a while it helps being confident.

We also want to know, what you are proud of? 

Let us know in the comments, we are curious to find out what you guys have achieved lately.

Kessy and Joey

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