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Foodfriday – Cup&Cino


This week we decided to enjoy breakfast at Cup&Cino, another nice Café in the center of Linz. It’s a very popular place where you can go for coffee and grab a small bite to eat until late at night. What is fascinating about this Café is that people from young to old come here to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Continue reading Foodfriday – Cup&Cino

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Cold Weather Essentials – Skinny Jeans – Joey


I loooove comfortable outfits, especially when it gets cold outside. Okay, I mean, who doesn’t..  haha : D  Skinny Jeans and Pullovers are the garments I wear most in autumn/winter.

The story behind this particular jeans is quite funny. I wanted this pair, since I first saw it in one of the Levi’s stores in NYC. (I think it was the one at times square) But anyhow, they didn’t have them in my size and so I kinda gave up. A few weeks later my sister came to visit me and we ended up in a Levi’s store again. She bought the exact same pair, but of course my size was not available again. Luckily another store had one that fit me and through having to wait that long, it was on discount and I got it for  1/4 of the original price. yaay : D Continue reading Cold Weather Essentials – Skinny Jeans – Joey

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Black'n'White – Joey


Normally I am never wearing just black and white.. there always has to be something colorful in my outfit. So finding something to wear for this week was quite a challenge for me.  At first I did not even know, what black and white clothes I owned, besides the necessary black pants and white shirt. Continue reading Black'n'White – Joey

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Black'n'White – Kessy


I love analog black and white photography but I also love wearing only black and white clothes. If you saw my closet you would laugh. I have clothes in 4 main colors: black, white, grey and blue (uuuuuuh so colorful isn’t it haha). No idea why, but I hardly wear anything really colorful except my red and pink lipsticks. Therefore, this weeks motto is perfect for me : ) Continue reading Black'n'White – Kessy

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