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Cold Weather Essentials – Skinny Jeans – Joey


I loooove comfortable outfits, especially when it gets cold outside. Okay, I mean, who doesn’t..  haha : D  Skinny Jeans and Pullovers are the garments I wear most in autumn/winter.

The story behind this particular jeans is quite funny. I wanted this pair, since I first saw it in one of the Levi’s stores in NYC. (I think it was the one at times square) But anyhow, they didn’t have them in my size and so I kinda gave up. A few weeks later my sister came to visit me and we ended up in a Levi’s store again. She bought the exact same pair, but of course my size was not available again. Luckily another store had one that fit me and through having to wait that long, it was on discount and I got it for  1/4 of the original price. yaay : D Continue reading Cold Weather Essentials – Skinny Jeans – Joey

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Falling for Fall – Joey


I am not such a huge fan of fall, since temperatures are getting colder and I like the warmth. What I do love about fall though is that I am able to wear coats again. ; ) I got this amazing trench coat for my last birthday and it is perfect for the weird “not-really-warm, but-also-not-really-cold” weather. Continue reading Falling for Fall – Joey

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Tom's Girls | Höhenrausch – Kessy


Maybe you have seen it on Instagram, we are dedicating this week to Linz’ Höhenrausch. Actually we didn’t plan on taking outfit photos either. But since we incidentally wore such similar outfits we had a perfect motto for the week. (We both wore  Boyfriend Jeans and TOMS haha) Also we found some really cool places to shoot : ) I’m in love the golden painted container. Continue reading Tom's Girls | Höhenrausch – Kessy

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Back to University – Joey


Feeling comfortable in my clothes is one of the most important things for me, when going to University. Nobodoy wants to sit in class all day, while wearing clothes that are too tight or just don’t fit well. However, I still want to look fashionable too. That’s why this outfit is one of my go-to options: well fitting jeans, a cozy sweater, my beloved parka and a backpack for all the books of course. Done. 😉 Continue reading Back to University – Joey

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